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Romancing the cyclist

The holidays — especially New Year's Eve — can be the loneliest time of the year if you're single. I remember that from personal experience.

So when I started reading an unsolicited e-mail from the Bikerkiss website last week, I thought this might be a service I could offer any lonely cyclists (I'm assuming) who visit the Biking Bis blog.

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Robin wrote me to say that she …

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Street scene in Amsterdam

Photo by Ti.mo on flickr.com A girl on a bike in Amsterdam.

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88-year-old Memphis bike shop to close

The Mt. Moriah Bicycle Company in Memphis is closing its doors for good after the new year, ending a ride that began in 1917.

Owner Eugene Amagliani, 81, told the Commercial Appeal (registration required) that he's closing the store so he and his wife can do some travelling.

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The bike shop was opened in downtown Memphis by Amagliani's father, but later …

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Another cross-country trip for AP reporter

A couple of summers ago, Associated Press Calvin Woodward rode the campaign trail, covering hopefuls for the Democratic presidential nomination.

This past summer he took the TransAmerica Trail, riding his bicycle some 2,000 miles cross-country from Washington DC to Newport Beach, California.

What did he find? Adventure. People with dreams. The solitude of back-country roads. He writes:

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One astonishing thing …

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Bicycle Quote: Sportsman of the Year

“It's nice to win. I'll never win again.” …

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Top bicycle rant of 2005

I prefer my bike trails with as little traffic as possible, like in this picture of the Cedar River Trail east of Renton.

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More often as not, though, I find myself on bike paths more like the crowded Burke-Gilman Trail in Seattle with fast cyclists, slow cyclists, people with dogs, groups walking three abreast, rollerbladers… not to mention the occasional cop in the …

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Update on “Outrage over cyclist's death in South Carolina”

Law enforcement officers are keeping open the case of a bicycle fatality on Hilton Head Island past the original court date to further review the evidence.

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The death of Nhiem Kim, 64, raised a controversy on the island earlier this month after police charged the motorist who struck Kim with “driving too fast for conditions” — a traffic citation that carries a fine and …

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Wired to Win: Surviving the Tour de France

Even in the darkened IMAX theater, it's easy to identify the cycling fans.

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I'm here at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle watching “Wired to Win: Surviving the Tour de France.” The movie tells about how the human brain learns, reacts, motivates. The film uses the 2003 Tour de France as a vehicle for this lesson. …

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Three-way Danish bicycle

Leave it to the Danes to come up with this cool-looking carrierbike. Bicycling stats show 20 percent of the trips in Denmark are made by bicycle.

The trioBike, based in Copenhagen, features a carrier bike that transforms into a bike and stroller.

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Two kids can ride in the carrier on the front of this tricycle. The front carrier can …

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It's a bike, a stroller, a carrierbike. The carrier can be detached for use as a stroller; a wheel can be attached to the fork for use as a bicycle. trioBike.

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