Bike touring poll: You're mostly “independents”

If the “How I bicycled my summer vacation” poll is any indicator, Biking Bis readers are an independent bunch.

That's how Missouri's Lazy Louie would have described the style of bicycling that half of my poll respondents said they preferred this summer.

Lazy Louie ran a roadside camp for bicycle tourists between Hartsville and Marshfield on the BikeCentennial Route. He was quite a character who had his own lingo for bikes that passed his way. There were Trucks (Treks), P Joes (Peugots) and Motor Pecans (Motobecans).

When my friend and I stopped there on our cross-country ride, he said we were “independents,” meaning we carried our own gear and weren't associated with any tour group.

That's still how I prefer to travel by bike, when I get the chance. I enjoy the camaraderie of big across-state rides like RAW, CAM and Bike Virginia. But I get a big charge out of loading up all my gear and just heading down the road with no ties nowhere.

I wish to thank the 45 readers who took the time to answer the poll (hosting problems are making filing and reading this blog a challenge the past couple of weeks). And the results are:

How I bicycled my summer vacation

Independent — 51%
Tour company — 6%
Across state bike tour — 13%
Overnight charity ride — 13%
No bike tour — 15%
(Hmmm. That doesn't add up to 100 does it.)


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