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Oct. 4, 2010 — “Testing the Bay Area's strongest cyclists at 2010 Mount Diablo Challenge.” 23-year-old Jonathan Moskowitz won….

Oct. 5, 2008 — There are a few mountain goats in any group of bicyclists. They're the ones who relish any and all climbs on bike rides.

There's a special event for these folks in the San Francisco Bay area. It's called the Mount Diablo Challenge and is simply a 10.8-mile ride that gains 3,240 feet with a 6.9% gradient the last 4 miles.

What's so amazing is that 888 bicyclists completed this torture on Sunday. Maybe they considered it bliss. They should all be proud of themselves, and they probably are.

First – last

The first to summit fastest time was set by Howard Love, 48, who arrived in 41:19 at a pace of 15.7 mph. [The first to the summit was Nate English, who left in an earlier wave.] That's about 4 minutes faster than last year's winner, Chris Phipps, 38, who finished  this year in 47:09.

The first woman this year was Flavia Oliveira, 26, in 51:40.

The bulk of the cyclists completed the ride in under 1 1/2 hours, which was slightly faster than 7 mph.

The last person across the visit line was Deirdre Jasper, 29, who finished in 3 hours.

Youngest – oldest

Two finishers were 1 years old — Steve Hooper and Carlos Aguilar. I'm thinking they got carted uphill.

The oldest cyclist, Chuck Tyler, 80, finished in 2-hours-23. Two men and two women in their 70s finished the ride; the fastest was Leon Malmed, 70, who had a time of 1-hour-23.

Dan Harrelson writes about his experiences on Mt. Diablo at his blog.

The bike ride is a fund-raiser for the land conservation efforts of Save Mount Diablo. All the results are supplied by Buzzword Productions.

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    • Kathleen Hearty on February 14, 2018 at 8:19 am
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    Good Morning, I just found this site and I am wondering about 1 specific rider. His name is Brion Koprowski. He rode a FixedGear bike and did very well. Could you let me know what his time was? I heard that he was the fastest FixedGear rider and arrived under an hour. I was not there, but his sister was, and she said he ended up setting record. Do you have any info on his times. I’m just curious.

    1. I checked the most recent results (2017) and didn’t see that name. You can check yourself at .

      Results for some previous years can be found here:

      Good luck

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