Another Tyler Hamilton hearing

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(Update: Jan. 11, 2006 — Tyler Hamilton and his attorney, Howard Jacobs, appeared for 12 hours before the Court of Arbitration on Tuesday.) Tyler Hamilton continues the battle to overturn his two-year suspension from professional cycling this week.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport hearing in Denver on Tuesday could result in a decision on Hamilton's fate in a matter of weeks.

Hamilton was suspended for two years beginning April 2005 after the American Arbitration Association/North American Court of Arbitration for Sport ruled he was guilty of blood-doping in tests taken during the 2004 Vuelta a Espana.

According to VeloNews coverage, Hamilton has said the procedures to determine blood-doping were unreliable. He was accused of using another person's red blood cells to boost performance.

Although he didn't comment specifically on the merits of his case at his website, Hamilton wrote:

“The longer my case drags out, the more determined I become to make something good come of it. If I had known at the onset that this process would take more than sixteen months to work through, I may have been a little more emotional about my situation during the early going. But even though the timeline has stretched out in increment after increment, I do know that at a certain point, these circumstances will come to an end. When I compare my battle to that of my friend with MS, I know that mine is small. But every battle is meaningful. And that is something I don’t intend to overlook.”

 The Tyler Hamilton Foundation raises money for the fight against MS — multiple sclerosis.


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