Adventure Cycling Association lists bicycle tours for next year

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It’s not even Columbus Day, but you might want to start checking around for a guided bicycle tour to take next year.

Bike tour sets up in a Washington state park

Bike tour sets up in a Washington state park

The non-profit Adventure Cycling Association on Wednesday issued its list of more than 80 guided bicycle tours in the U.S. and warned that some of its most popular trips are already booked.

The non-profit association is well-known for its thousands of miles of mapped bicycle routes that criss-cross the nation and its advocacy on the behalf of traveling bicyclists.

It also has been in the business of providing guided bicycle tours since hosting self-supported groups of cyclists on cross-country tours on the Trans America Trail in 1976. In recent years, the association has added many other styles of bicycle touring to its stable of offerings.

Types of bike tours

In addition to self-contained tours, in which bicyclists carry their own gear and share in the cooking and other chores, Adventure Cycling offers tours that are fully supported and van supported.

There also are family tours, inn-to-inn tours, mountain bike tours, beginner tours and educational tours.

The tours are generally one or two weeks, although the self-contained cross-country tours can take up to 12 weeks.

The most popular seem to be the bike tours in the southern states during the winter months, although most of the tour groups tend to reach capacity.

Adventure Cycling announced 11 new tours this year, as well. They are:

The Adventure Cycling Association website also has a bicycle tour matrix that shows links to the tours, dates and locations all in one spot.

Adventure Cycling certainly isn’t the only game in town, however. As association of bicycle tour directors list rides at the Bicycle Tour Network database.

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