Different strokes to usher in New Year

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Taking the Polar Bear plunge on New Year's Day

Taking the Polar Bear plunge on New Year’s Day

There are lots of way to celebrate New Year’s. If at all possible, I take a ride on my bicycle to welcome the new year.

Earlier today, my new year’s ride down to Coulon Park in Renton happened to coincide with the annual Polar Bear Plunge at the park.

Annual ritual in Renton

Annual ritual in Renton

I heard shouting as I passed by, turned into the entrance, and arrived at the beach just as the countdown finished and dozens of folks splashed into frigid Lake Washington.

After a quick dunking, most turned and headed straight back to the beach.

I salute these stalwart individuals who zealously pursue this chilly ritual. Meanwhile, I’m happy to pedal along in two dry layers.

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