Dope bike tour rolling down the West Coast from Seattle

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Bicycle tours are considered a “green” alternative to taking vacations by car.

Scott Pearse on a ferry

Scott Pearse on a ferry / photo from dopebicycletour @Instagram

Scott Pearse is taking that “green” connection a step further. He intends to visit as many examples of the marijuana culture as possible on the West Coast bike tour he’s taking for DOPE Magazine.

I know, you probably didn’t know there could be such a summer job.

Scott arrived in Seattle this week, assembled his bike, and set out in search of his first pot dispensary. It didn’t take long.

The next day he arrived in Tacoma by ferry, where he caught some refreshment at another marijuana outlet before heading south.

The former  TransAmerican cyclist plans to ride 1,420 miles to Los Angeles as the rate of about 50 miles a day. He plans to arrive on July 4th.

Calling himself the “weed cycle tourist,” Pease says:

“I’ll be stopping along the way to feature canna-businesses, profile canna-folks, and hunt canna-culture wherever it’s hiding.”

The marijuana culture will be hiding in plain sight in many places. Recreational and medical use of marijuana is legal in both Washington and Oregon. Only medical marijuana is legal in California, although recreational use has been decriminalized to a civil penalty.

Scott explains that he’s taking the tour to change the common perception of cannabis users, attempting “to show that we are not stereotypes. In fact, we are capable, interested, and involved in sports in general.”

You can follow Scott’s tour down the coast at Instagram by following @DOPEbicycletour. More stories about his ride at collected online at DOPE Magazine’s “Dope Bicycle Tour” page.

If you want to meet up with Scott, his estimated arrival dates are posted here.


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