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30 days of biking: Quiet roads

Some heavily trafficked roads put me on edge when I’m bicycling. That’s OK if they take me to a wide open road like this one.

This is the scene I see in my eyeglass mirror after I turn onto Cedar Grove Road near Issaquah, although I rarely see such a blue sky.

That’s Tiger Mountain in the background. The road is smooth and the grade is gentle. There’s plenty of room on the shoulder …

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Caution: Rumble strips installed on May Valley Road (WA)

Bicyclists need to use extra caution on May Valley Road after road crews milled rumble strips into a curvy section between the Squak Mountain Park and Issaquah-Hobart Road sometime in the past week.

There are no signs to alert the many cyclists who use this portion of road to the new hazard.

This section is typically where bicyclists can pick up some speed on a nice downhill if they’re heading east. I’d expect it would be difficult to control a speeding bike that hits these.

Even so, as you can tell from the photo, they appear to meet standards …

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30 days of biking: Lucky Friday the 13th

Everyone says that Friday the 13th is bad luck, but after tonight I’m going to revise that old superstition.

I couldn’t get out on my Day 13 bike ride until after dinner, and I chose to buzz over to the Blockbuster in Renton to drop off a movie.

It was getting dark on the way home, but I realized I didn’t have a photo for today’s ride. I made a lucky snap judgment to turn right from Coal Creek Parkway onto Newcastle Golf Course Road to get a photo of the sunset from the hillside. …

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Seeing the world on loaded bicycle and $8 a day

Finding herself suddenly unemployed in England, Jilly Sherlock loaded her panniers with 50 pounds of gear and hit the road on her bicycle.

That was a year ago. So far she’s traveled more than 8,000 miles in an easterly direction through 23 countries.

She celebrated her 1-year anniversary on the road in Thailand this week.

Sherlock may be traveling solo, but she is by no means alone. She keeps in touch …

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30 days of biking: Lake Boren Park

A short detour off my usual route to the grocery store took me to the fishing pier at Lake Boren Park in Newcastle this afternoon.

Three fishermen were trying their luck with hook and line when I showed up in between a series of showers.

I’ve ridden a lot of miles under the guise of running errands to the grocery store over the years. It’s not uncommon for me to add between 1 and 20 or 30 miles to a trip to the store.

The ride by bike takes about 10 minutes. So on bad-weather days …

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Faulty suspension fork prompts recall for GT, Giant and Trek

A faulty suspension fork manufactured by SR Suntour has sparked a recall of 17,000 GT, Giant and Trek mountain bikes that use the fork.

Owners should stop riding bicycles that are mounted with these forks. They can be returned to any GT, Giant or Trek retailer for free repair.

The fork’s internal support tubes can break, causing the rider to lose control. SR Suntour has received 12 such reports …

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Judge dismisses cyclists’ suit against SLUT tracks

A judge has thrown out a lawsuit by six bicyclists who claimed the city of Seattle created unsafe conditions when it opened a streetcar line.

As soon as Seattle’s South Lake Union Trolley (S.L.U.T.) opened for business in 2007, Seattle cyclists started crashing around the tracks at a regular rate.

It turns out the gap in the street for the trolley tracks — 44 mm — was just wide enough to catch their tires and flip their bikes.

Reacting to the epidemic of crashes and a protest ride by cyclists …

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30 days of biking: The old coal railway in Newcastle

Scheduling conflicts and prior obligations pushed me out the door early this morning for a ride over to an old railroad grade in Newcastle.

I’m glad I got out early for Day 11 of 30 Days of Biking, as I missed the showers that fell here most of the day during my typical biking times.

The May Creek Trail is one of those out-of-the-way paths that few people use. Although I’ll see the occasional bike track through here, it’s predominantly used by folks walking their dogs.

It runs for a couple of miles in a heavy forest above the steep May Creek canyon. …

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Cyclists urged to attend SR 520 bridge meeting Thursday

The artist’s conception of the new Highway 520 bridge over Lake Washington shows a first-ever bike lane across the span, among other amenities.

But the devil is in the details, and the Cascade Bicycle Club is urging cyclists to attend a Thursday workshop on the bridge presented by the Washington Department of Transportation.

Tessa Greegor, principal planner for the club, says the connections to the bridge for bicyclists are important too. On Thursday, transportation staff will share their work on designs that integrate connections for bicycles, pedestrians and commuters …

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30 days of biking: Wilburton railroad trestle

Unable to take a bike ride later on Tuesday, I started my day with a 10-mile loop ride after a cup of coffee and a banana.

I headed along Lake Washington again, then headed east under the imposing Wilburton trestle in Bellevue.

One day, this abandoned railway could be a bike trail that stretches from Renton to Snohomish, a distance of 42 miles.

Riding a bike across the trestle would be a blast. Imagine the views …

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