WA: Sunride Hillclimb

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June 30, 2019 all-day
North Gate
Mount Rainier National Park

6th Annual 2019 Sunride Hillclimb

A Willy Nilly Summer Solstice Bicycle Ride

Join us for a solstice-celebratory early morning spin up to Sunrise Visitor Center at Mt. Rainier. Historically, “we” total Sunriders could be 5 riders or 150. You’re welcome to spread the word…or not (Willy Nilly spirit applies).

General Information

  • 6th Annual: Sunday, June 30, 2019
  • Why isn’t this happening on actual solstice weekend? a) Avoid stepping on the – er – appendages of the Fremont solstice parade cyclists (nudity mixed with bikes aligns with Willy Nilly spirit), b) Greater chance the road up to Sunrise Visitor Center will be open to riders
  • “Standard” ride start time: 7:00am (or whenever suits you, per Willy Nilly…this wee-early start is for minimizing vehicle traffic conflicts & maximizing sunrise lighting splendor)
  • Registration/fees: Nope
  • Campout: On Saturday night some of us will be snoozing at nearby campgrounds such as The Dalles, or Silver Springs
  • Standard start/finish (feel free to ride your own route): SR 410 & Crystal Mtn. Blvd.
  • Standard route map: click here
  • Standard ride profile: 40 miles up/down (20 mi climbing about 4,800′, then zooming 20 mi back down to start/finish). **While these stats may appear daunting to some, the solstice sunrise-lit views are distractingly exquisite!
  • Post-ride hydration meetup for some: Naches Tavern

Access/Route Details

  • Road access details are subject to change per the whims of the rangers and/or maintenance personnel
  • Around solstice time, the road up to Sunrise from the gate near the White River Campground intersection is typically closed to all public traffic during the week, however…
  • Sometimes the gate/road is opened up for hikers and bicycles (not cars) during the weekend
  • That said, maintenance crews may decide at any moment to close the gate to all traffic for any timeframe of their choosing
  • Thus, while the standard plan A is to ride up to the gate from the start/finish listed above, if the gate is closed to bicycles, then a Plan B option is to turn around and ride to Chinook Pass, and from there down to Skookum Falls Viewpoint on hwy 410, from which we’ll return to our original starting point (link to the Plan B route map).
  • Plan B results in about the same total elevation gain as the standard Sunride route, and the distance is 6 miles longer

“Ride your ride” (our Willy Nilly motto): Join whoever shows up or bring your own riding comrades, your pace, your style, start time is just a guide

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