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30 days of biking: The old coal railway in Newcastle

Scheduling conflicts and prior obligations pushed me out the door early this morning for a ride over to an old railroad grade in Newcastle.

I’m glad I got out early for Day 11 of 30 Days of Biking, as I missed the showers that fell here most of the day during my typical biking times.

The May Creek Trail is one of those out-of-the-way paths that few people use. Although I’ll see the occasional bike track through here, it’s predominantly used by folks walking their dogs.

It runs for a couple of miles in a heavy forest above the steep May Creek canyon. …

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Grand Ridge: New trail for mountain bikers and hikers completed

After volunteers put in more than 40,000 hours of labor over the past 10 years, the completion of a new 7-mile trail in the Issaquah Highlands (WA) will be celebrated with a public hike and barbecue on Thursday.

The Grand Ridge Trail is open to mountain bikers, hikers and equestrians. The trail includes a 40-foot-long log bridge, two shorter log bridges and the just-completed 600-foot-long elevated boardwalk that passes over a hemlock bog.

The Washington Trail Association held 448 volunteer events …

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Images of future Hwy. 520 bike trail over Lake Washington

It seems almost too good to be true for Seattle area bicyclists. The new Highway 520 bridge across Lake Washington will have bicycle and pedestrians lanes. These artists’ renderings prove it.

The Washington Department of Transportation posted the future views of the bridge at its flickr.com account last week.

Although I knew that advocates from Cascade Bicycle Club and the Bicycle Alliance of Washington pushed for a bike trail on the new bridge, seeing these views somehow makes it all the more real.

Now all we have to do is wait …

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“This bicycle trail sponsored by …”

Corporate sponsorships of biking and hiking trails may soon be a sign of the times in Florida.

The weak economy coupled with the reluctance to raise taxes to pay for public services has prompted Florida legislators to approve corporate sponsorships for trails in the sunshine state.

The bill — SB 268 — is sitting on the desk of Florida Gov. Rick Scott.

The bill enables sponsors to place one 16-square-foot sign in the parking lot or at the trailhead of the trail …

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Celebrate reopening of Burke Gilman Trail on Tuesday

The official grand reopening of the Burke Gilman Trail through Lake Forest Park will be celebrated on Tuesday with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and a bike ride.

A 2-mile section of the trail was closed between Log Boom Park and 145th Street for about 8 months. It reopened to positive reviews in mid-February.

Work crews contracted by King County widened the trail to 12 feet, improved sight lines, repaved the cracked surface and replaced a series of stop signs with yield signs.

The official reopening is scheduled for 4 to 5:30 p.m. Tuesday …

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