Recall: Seatposts on some Cannondale bicycles

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Cannondale Bicycle owners who bought their bikes in late 2004 need to check their seatposts.

Cannondale and the US Consumer Product Safety Commission is recalling 1,400 suspension seatposts that could crack, leading to serious injury.

The Lee Chi model 1-X Bicycle Suspension Seatposts were manufactured by a Taiwan component maker for the US-based bicycle firm. The seatposts have a natural anodized aluminum finish with a 1-X logo etched on the outer tube and an attached black, yellow, and red instruction booklet.

The faulty seatposts were installed on the following Cannondale models:

Adventure 800, Adventure 800 Feminine, Adventure 600, Adventure 600 Feminine, Comfort 800, Comfort 800 Feminine, Comfort 600, Comfort 600 Feminine, Road Warrior 800, Sport Road 500, Sport Road 800, and Sport Road 1000, and Touring 2000.

Cannondale dealers will replace the bicycle seatposts at no cost.

For more information, check out the Consumer Product Safety Commission press release.

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