Biking and building across the US

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If it's a rest day on a cross-country bicycle tour for these college students, then they must be building a house.

That's what more than 100 participants in the four-separate Bike and Build tours are expected to do this summer.

The Bike and Build program recruits college students who raise at least $4,000 in pledges during the school year. In the summer, they take to the highways to spread the word about affordable housing, do more fund-raising, and work on selected Habitat for Humanity projects.

This summer, the nonprofit expects to raise $225,000; in the two previous summers, the group has raised $230,000.

All four of the tours are currently underway — three finish in the Pacific Northwest, the fourth in San Francisco. Each group is supported by a van and covers 40 to 70 miles a day. Most groups have 30 or so riders. They'll help to build houses in about 20 cities across the US.

Articles on the tours have appeared recently in the Winston-Salem Journal and the Baton-Rouge Advocate. The riders sound like they're full of energy and looking forward to more adventures.

Bike and Build also hosts ride journals and photo galleries from all the rides at its website. There's also a roster of all the biker-builders.

If you'd like to donate to Bike and Build, follow this link.

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