Top bicycle rant of 2005

I prefer my bike trails with as little traffic as possible, like in this picture of the Cedar River Trail east of Renton.

More often as not, though, I find myself on bike paths more like the crowded Burke-Gilman Trail in Seattle with fast cyclists, slow cyclists, people with dogs, groups walking three abreast, rollerbladers… not to mention the occasional cop in the Lake Forest Park area waiting to write you a ticket for not coming to a full stop at a stop sign.

Earlier this year, Blue Collar Mountain Biking came across a ranting cyclist (The Bike Riders Who Suck) who a split a gasket on Craigslist after having to deal with too many other users on the Minuteman bike path in Massachusetts.

While this guy makes a lot of  good points, I hope he's seeking professional help for his anger.


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