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Bicycling for peace and finding love

Pablo Garcia found more than he bargained for on his worldwide bicycle tour.

The bicycle tour started as a solo venture by the Argentinian cyclist, who embarked from South Africa in 2001. He bicycled up the African continent and reached Egypt in 2004. He then rode around Northern Europe before taking on the Mediterranean countries.

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That's when he met, and married, Clara Vicari, an Italian grad student ….

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Bicycle tour organization still spinning

2006 marked the 30th anniversary for the Bikecentennial summer, when some 4,100 bicycle tourists hit the highway and rode the TransAmerica bicycle route to celebrate the nation's 200th birthday.

The Bikecentennial group is still around under a different name, Adventure Cycling Association. The group is still based in Missoula, Montana, and boasts 42,500 members, up from 7,500 in the early years. It's the largest nonprofit cycling organization in the country.

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The hometown newspaper, the Missoulian, interviewed Adventure Cycling's executive director about the group's plans…

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Roadside breakfast

Pablo Garcia and Clara Vicari eat breakfast. From Around the World on a Bicycle website.

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Breakfast on the road

Pablo Garcia and Clara Vicari at Around the World on a Bicycle.

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Bicycle tour slated on nation's longest bike-hike trail

Bicyclists can celebrate the opening of the final link of the Great Allegheny Passage with a fully supported bike tour that spins from DC to Pittsburgh this summer.

Dubbed the Greenway Sojourn 2007 by organizers Rails to Trails Conservancy, the bike ride takes advantage of 335 miles of unbroken bicycle path comprising the C&O Canal towpath (DC's Georgetown to Cumberland, Maryland) and the Great Allegheny Passage (Cumberland to Pittsburgh).

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The bike tour, limited to 500 cyclists, runs from June 23-30, 2007. The northbound tour provides camping …

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Tunnel on Great Allegheny Trail

Brush tunnel on Great Allegheny Trail shares space with the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad. Photo by Kordite at flickr.com

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Armstrong vs. Landis: Good idea while it lasted

One of the hottest match-ups for the coming year — Lance Armstrong vs. Floyd Landis at the Leadville 100 — has apparently fizzled out.

Armstrong announced at The Paceline website that he will not be racing in the Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike Race on Aug. 11, 2007, as previously indicated due to a “scheduling conflict.”

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I'm marking that date on my calendar just to see …

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Lance Armstrong can't make Leadville 100

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Landis questionable for Leadville 100

NORBA rules

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Bicycle calendars for 2007

You may have already scored your 2007 bicycle racing calendar published by cycling photographer Graham Watson, but there are some other cool bicycle calendars available for 2007.

One that quickly captured my attention is the CyclePassion calendar, featuring cyclists interacting with their bikes. Take for instance this picture for March (the calendar appears to be next to her right knee cap) of a cyclist washing down her Bianchi.

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The CyclePassion calendar project was shot by photographer Daniel Geiger, himself a cyclist. Some of the pictures were shot on location …

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