Floyd Landis and Kid Rock: Separated at birth?

I recall reading a few times that American cyclist Floyd Landis is a huge fan of Kid Rock.

I found a picture of Kid Rock on the Internet and compared it with Landis' official Tour de France website photo.

Isn't that an uncanny resemblance?  I think it was Saturday Night Live that started the “Separated at Birth” bit that compares celebrities who look like they could be twins but have grown up separately. These two would be good candidates.

Right after the first time trial in the Tour de France, Andrew Vontz, writing for Fox Sports, penned this rhyme that Kid Rock might have written for Landis:

Yo, yo former Mennonite/why's your game so tight/Hopping off to switch up rigs in the middle of yo ride

Then hoppin' back on/slammin' pedals down/trouncin' all comers but getting' beaten by a grand/Ol' master of the peloton

A 36-year-old man/Should be past his prime/but in yo face he slammed.

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