Daily Archive: October 12, 2006

Floyd Landis makes his case to the public

US bicycle racer Floyd Landis presented his defense against doping charges on his website Thursday. He cites the French lab for analytical errors, incorrectly labeled samples, not following international standards and lack of evidence chain-of-custody.

At least that's what I read in a couple of early news stories. By the time I logged on this morning to read the case he was making, the FloydLandis.com website was swamped or had crashed. Either way, I couldn't get in.

I made it later in the morning. Try this link for the specific post — Landis case information now online (can't download docs, must be a traffic jam) or go to “It's Here” at Trust but Verify. A mirror download site also has all the documents. …

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Bike helmet debate in Austin sparks study

They've stopped feuding about mandatory bicycle helmet use in Austin, at least for the time-being.

Two local hospitals in the adopted hometown of Lance Armstrong say they will conduct a year-long study of bicycle-accident head injuries beginning Nov. 1. They'll present the results to the City Council, which is considering an ordinance that would make helmet use mandatory. …

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