How to make the best-ever bike-ride recovery drink

Here's my recipe for a post-bike ride recovery drink that I frequently quaff in the summertime. I found out recently that it's just as refreshing in the cold weather as well.

It's easy to make because there's no measuring involved. At least I don't measure. I guess it's an art, not a science.

Into a blender, drop 6-10 large frozen strawberries. Add a banana, about a cup of yogurt (I prefer vanilla), and lots of orange juice. Blend.

Eyeball the ingredients so there's enough for a tall glass. Too thin, add more yogurt. Too thick, add more orange juice. All the ingredients make if very smooth on the stomach.

Long time ago, my post-ride drink was beer. That would dehydrate me even more and make me feel really bad. So I'd have another.


These smoothie ingredients are actually healthful. Let's take a look: Banana — potassium and sugar; strawberries — Vitamin C and sugar; yogurt — protein, calcium and sugar; OJ — Vitamin C and sugar.  

There are plenty of other drinks out there. Tim Grahl at Blue Collar Mountain Biking taste-tested a concoction made of tea, sugar and salt. The title of the article, Make your own no-so-tasty energy drink, tells the tale.

And the Associated Press reports that chocolate milk scores just as well for an energy drink as those mass-marketed carb drinks. That's fine, but check your lactose intolerance at the door.

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