TV schedule for 2007 Tour of California bike race

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It may seem like we're in the throes of winter, but spring comes early to parts of the West Coast where the Amgen Tour of California bike race is coming up.

The organizers of the February 18-25 event have been pumping out press releases for months, and the best news I've seen so far is that VERSUS  (the network formerly known as OLN) will broadcast nightly recaps of the day's cycling action.

The network has pledged to provide 14 hours of coverage over the eight days of bicycle racing. The same-day coverage is scheduled for 11 p.m. (ET) and 8 p.m. (PT) on most weekday nights, with live and recap coverage on the weekends.

This is an improvement over the ESPN2 timeslot last year, which broadcast the race well after midnight on the East Coast.

I couldn't find anything over at the VS. website that represents its Tour of California coverage, but they've already posted a page for the 2007 Tour de France, which the VS. network will continue to cover. As OLN, the network began covering the Tour in 2001.

The owners/organizers of the race, AEG, released detailed course maps and stage elevations for the eight-stage, 650-mile race. Look for all these details at route stages at the Tour of California website.

The host cities for the eight stages are San Francisco, Sausalito, Santa Rosa, Sacramento, Stockton, San Jose, Seaside, San Luis Obispo, Solvang, Santa Barbara, Santa Clarita and Long Beach. If you're interested in volunteering, check out the volunteer form at the Tour's website.

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