Bicycling at 90

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Pennsylvanian Don Moul will celebrate his 90th birthday along the rail-to-trail bicycle path where he rides four or five times a week.

How are you going to stay fit when you're 90?

Moul has been an avid bicyclist since he retired in the 1980s. Currently he likes to ride his bicycle on a 15-mile route from York to Glen Rock along the Heritage Rail Trail County Park.

The cold weather doesn't stop him. He just bundles up and rides, unless the temperature falls below 20 degrees. He rides his bike through slush, but avoids ice. He told the York Daily Record:

“It's great exercise. And bike riding has provided a lot of social opportunities.”

The AARP agrees that bicycling is great exercise.

“Bicycling gives you a low-impact, aerobic workout that strengthens your legs, including your knees. It also can help you lose pounds and stay a healthy weight.”

An AARP bicycling website tells how to choose a bicycle, helmet, rules of the road and other safety issues.

The AARP also interviewed Rick Grun, 85, at “A man and his bike: a rail-trails affair.” He's another Pennsylvanian who enjoys riding the bicycle paths in his state, logging nearly 1,000 miles every summer. He says he doesn't consider his exercise level unusual:

“But my biggest concern is with my peers who keep telling me “you're too old to be doing this.” They've decided that they're old. But I'm not. I mean, I have limitations. I know that. I can't run up and down the stairs anymore.”

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