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Oregon's Share the Road license plates available in 2008

Oregon will begin issuing “Share the Road” license plates beginning Jan. 2 for your other set of wheels. They're another reminder for other motorists that bicycles have a right to the road.

Proceeds from the sale of the special plates will be distributed to to cycling-related causes by the Bicycle Transportation Alliance and the Cycle Oregon Fund. They cost an additional $10 at time of issuance and can be ordered through the DMV.

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In other Oregon bicycling news, the Wall Street Journal wrote about US Rep. Earl Blumenauer in Saturday's edition. Here in the Northwest, we all know about Blumenauer and his many good efforts on behalf of bicyclists. It's good to see him get wider recognition in a national publication …

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Oregon's Share the Road license plate

The state of Oregon will begin issuing “Share the Road” license plates on Jan. 2. Oregon residents can order their license plate from the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles.

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Top 10 bicycling websites

On Sunday I published the “Ultimate top 10 list of Top 10 bicycling lists.” Later I realized that I really didn't care for “No. 9, Top 10 Bicycle Websites.”

That list of bicycle websites was assembled by lovetoknow.com. It might work for some people, but in retrospect I don't think these are the best websites for bicyclists who regularly read this blog. It had only one or two websites that I check regularly for information.

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So here's the BikingBis list of Top 10 Bicycling websites. These are the websites that I visit most frequently and find the most useful. There are lots of good websites that aren't on this list, but these keep more to the theme of this blog.  As always, the decision of the judges is final …

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The ultimate top 10 list of “Top 10” bicycling lists

Everybody likes Top 10 lists. It gets us thinking about a topic and wondering why some items were picked over others.

For instance, Seattle often lands on “best cities to bicycle” lists, but has yet to show up on the League of American Bicyclists Bicycle Friendly Communities list.

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Anyway, here is my Top 10 collection of “Top 10” bicycling lists over a range of topics — best bicycling cities, best bicycle rides in cities, best bike stores, best ways to avoid being hit by a car, etc., etc. It's all very unscientific, but the decision of the judges is final….

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Text-messaging leads to another bicyclist's death; new laws in 2008

The man accused this week of killing a 13-year-old bicyclist in a hit-and-run collision in Massachusetts was typing a text message on his cellphone when he lost control of his SUV.

Prosecutors say the 31-year-old man thought he had struck a mailbox in the 12:30 a.m. collision. The boy, Earman Machado, was riding at the edge of the road while his friend walked on the soft shoulder.

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The frequency of such accidents have prompted legislatures in New Jersey and Washington to prohibit text-messaginig while driving as of next year. It's amazing that people need laws to prohibit them from doing something so obviously distracting as text-messaging while behind the wheel. …

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New Ireland will pay half the cost of your new bicycle

The government of New Ireland should be nominated for becoming the most “bicycle friendly community” on Earth.

The province on an island northeast of Papua New Guinea has set aside the equivalent of $67,800 to pay half the cost of bicycles purchased from local stores.

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Finally, some elected officials have finally heard the twofold message that bicycle advocates have been preaching for years: Bicycling makes people healthier, and bike use reduces the costs of maintaining roads …

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New Ireland Province

A province of Papua New Guinea is subsidizing the cost of bicycles to constituents. Pacific Magazine.

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New Year's Day 2008 — a good day for a bike ride

New Year's Day might be a good day to sleep off the hangover or vegetate on the couch and watch some football. For many of us, it's also a good day to get on the bicycle and start to achieve our 2008 mileage goals.

Many clubs feature rides on New Year's Day. The Western Pennsylvania Wheelmen, for instance, has offered the aptly named Icycle Bicycle Ride around downtown Pittsburgh for the past 30 some years regardless of the weather:

“It has gone no matter what the weather. In previous years, when we had deep snow on January 1st, it was not unusual to have to push bikes to McDonald's in the Strip for coffee and hot chocolate and then return to the start point.”

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Here are some other popular New Year's Day bicycle rides….

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Raising the specter of bike fees in Seattle

The Seattle P-I tossed out a weird bicycling story that broached the idea of bicycle registration or licensing after “some” began talking about it when Seattle endorsed the $240 million, 10-year bicycle plan.

The story was followed up the next day by an editorial opposing such licensing.

It's an attention grabber, especially for cyclists, but where's the groundswell for the licensing move? Just one person is quoted in the P-I story, a letter-to-the-editor writer, so I guess this isn't something on anybody's short list.

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The premise of the story is based on the widespread incorrect assumption that bicyclists don't pay their fare share for the roads they use…

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One “gnarly” bike tour

“He gets on a bicycle, takes the bike, which is 30 years old, it has no leather, no special helmet. He left Florida on one ocean and rode to our ocean here. He rode 100 miles a day with no sponsors, no raising money, no one greeting him at corners, he just goes.

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“He amazes me. I am still shocked. Every surfer I talk to – and I hang around with some extreme people – they all say, ‘that’s so gnarly’ …

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