Who's riding with Lance Armstrong at RAGBRAI

Seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong will have quite a large contingent for his bike ride across Iowa this week, but Matthew McConaughey will not be in the group.

The Texas-born actor is in the pack with Armstrong when it comes to goofing off and doing some light bicycling, but he won't be found on the 477-mile RAGBRAI that starts Sunday.

Armstrong told the Des Moines Register:

“He would never ride in a group of people like that. He'd be scared to death. For all you ladies, I hate to break it to you.”

So who is riding with Armstrong on his second visit to RAGBRAI?

He said his group includes three or four people from the Lance Armstrong Foundation, his manager, and some friends…. “The guys I ride with on a daily basis just in training that I've told about RAGBRAI that love big group rides and love that kind of environment.”

In addition to his close associates, Armstrong will be riding with Team LiveStrong.

Members of that group each pledged to raise $1,000 for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. While they're responsible for their own lodging and meals, the team members are free to camp around Camp LiveStrong, the focal point for get-togethers in the evenings and high-energy snacks and fluids.

Together, Team LiveStrong raised $300,000 for the foundation.

Armstrong first official public event is Sunday night in Spencer, when he meets with RAGBRAI riders under 21. More at the Spencer website.

Then on Wednesday in Cedar Falls, he'll speak at a Lance Armstrong Foundation fund-raiser concert featuring Blues Traveler.

At least two members of Team LiveStrong are writing blogs. Check out Robert Grays Blog and Pat's Ride Across Iowa blog through the week. Also see the Feed Zone page for other RAGBRAI blogs and news.

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