US chances for cycling medals at the 2008 Summer Olympics

The 2008 Summer Olympics is still a year away, but people are already considering the US chances for winning gold medals at the games in Beijing.

The US is considered an underdog to China, which has bypassed Russia as the main US challenger. Cycling is one of the areas where the US has good chances for about a half dozen medals from the men and women, however, according to the Boston Globe.

In addition to the road racing and individual time trial, there are also track cycling competitions. New to the 2008 Summer Games is BMX, which should benefit the US.

Here's what Globe staff writer John Powers writes in “US features deep talent pool:”

“With the addition of BMX to the program and an upsurge by the women, the spokeheads could produce half a dozen medals. Sarah Hammer will be favored in the pursuit, roadies Kristin Armstrong, Christine Thorburn, and David Zabriskie can go the distance in the time trial, and the men should win a couple in BMX.”

Check out his story for an early look at US chances in other sports.

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