Get your own Moon Dog Bobblehead in Wheeling

Some pretty famous sports figures have been celebrated as bobblehead dolls. I don't know of any cyclists who have been honored this way except for Italy's Fausto Coppi.

Now there's another.

The Wheeling Nailers hockey team is honoring “Moon Dog,” a local character who's known for riding his flag-festooned bicycle around town and appearing in local parades.

The first 2,500 fans who go to see the “AA” Wheeling, West Virginia, affiliate of the Flyers and Penguins play on March 22 will get their very own Moon Dog Mini-Bobblehead.


How did Moon Dog, who's name is Charles Waldrum, break into Bobbleheadedness? Brendan Burke, the Nailers announced explained it to a local TV station:

“I think everybody has a Moondog story. I'm not sure, but I think everybody has one. Everybody knows who Moondog is, and there's not too much merchandise that you could find with Moondog associated with it so it was something that I think started as a joke and kept growing, and we said, 'hey, maybe this would be a good idea to do.'”

There are five Bobblehead giveaways this season, and only one celebrates a local hockey player.

The State Journal did a story on Moon Dog a couple of years ago when he gave some money for the Katrina relief efforts. It says he's known for riding his bike and wearing an orange safety vest and a hard hat.

Sometimes he directs traffic and fires or accident scenes. His bike is decorated with flags flying from the rear on long plastic masts, especially for parades.

I'm glad Moon Dog is finally getting some recognition.

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