Motorist slams into bike tour in Mexican border town; 1 dead

A motorist plowed into a group of bicycle riders in Matamoros, Mexico, on Sunday, killing one and injuring 10 to 14 others. They were part of an organized bike tour, escorted by police, from the border town to a local beach.

The Metro Noticias online newspaper reported 1 dead and 10 to 12 injured in Monday morning's edition; KRGV said that friends of the victims reported 5 dead this morning, although I couldn't find that death toll verified anywhere.

An image taken by Vera Hernandez at the scene and published in Metro Noticias shows the car slamming into the cyclists, above. It shows the police escort, the 1989 Grand Marquis hitting the cyclists, and bicycles and bodies flying everywhere.


Matamoros is a town across the border from Brownsville, Texas. From what I can gather from a translation of the Metro Noticias article, the cyclists were among 400 people taking part in the Matamoros Baghdad 2008 bike tour, a ride from Matamoros to the Gulf Coast beach at Baghdad, about 20 miles away.

KRGV reports one of the dead as Alejandro Alvarez, 30, of Brownsville. Another Brownsville man was arrested by police at the scene (I've seen him identified by three different names). From the translation it sounds like police also saved his life, as those at the scene tried to attack him.

KRGV says the man was under the influence of drugs and crashed into the bicyclists when he tried to pass a police escort.

Here's a  link to the Metro Noticias article, and the Babelfish translation. Also the Brownsville Herald, which reports two dead.

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