GOP commercial attacks idea of walking, biking

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I don't live in northwestern Pennsylvania, but if I did this attack ad by the Republican Party would be enough to get me to vote for Kathy Dahlkemper, a Democrat in the 3rd congressional district.

The ad says that Dahlkemper has some “wacky solutions” to deal with the energy crisis. Among them, walking places and riding bikes.

Sounds completely sane to me.

The commercial calls these “personal sacrifices.” I'd call these choices lifestyle improvements.

As ridiculous as the GOP would like it to sound, walking and bicycling does save energy. And considering that 40% of car trips in urban areas are within a two-miles radius, walking or bicycling doesn't take that much more time.

The ad further attacks Dahlkemper for her opposition to suspending the gas tax and opposing increases in domestic oil and gas drilling. What's the chant repeated by Sarah Palin? “Drill, baby, drill.”

I'm Biking Bis, and I do not approve of that message.

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