Bicycle valet parking for Obama inauguration?

The Washington Area Bicyclist Association is trying to arrange valet bicycle parking for the Jan. 20 inauguration of Barack Obama.

WABA wants to set up three valet stations within walking distance to the National Mall so cyclists can drop off their bikes and hike on over to the inaugural events.

Visitors also will have bicycles in SmartBike DC self-service bike rental program, left, at their disposal. District officials warn, however, that some of the 10 stations might be located in the security perimeter and passage in and out could be difficult.

WADA is working with the district to find the bike valet sites where cyclists can drop off their bikes, receive a claim check, and return to pick up their rides after the events.

The says America Bikes has donated $7,000 for signs, refreshments for volunteers and commemorative valet cards.

Metro also has bike racks available at rail stations and bike 1,200 bike lockers that can be reserved. No word yet on whether bikes will be allowed on trains or buses that day.

If you'd like to sign up to volunteer to park bikes, volunteer at this WADA site.

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