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The most read stories at Biking Bis blog in 2010

This was quite a year for bicycling news. Doping allegations against Lance Armstrong and Alberto Contador, and a bicycling ban in Black Hawk, Colorado, were among the biggest stories of 2010.

I like to go back and check what stories, on a month-to-month basis, got the most hits at the Biking Bis blog. Some of these stories are spun from the big news of the day, while others simply inform bicycle enthusiasts who's televising a particular race or where to sign up for a ride.

Here they are:

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January: “2010 Tour Down Under bike race schedule and TV coverage” — This essentially sorted out the times and broadcast schedules ….

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Armstrong pulls out of early triathlon; still racing Tour Down Under

A reported sore knee will keep Lance Armstrong from competing in his “comeback” triathlon in New Zealand on Jan. 29, but he still plans to compete in Australia's Tour Down Under the preceding week.

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The 2011 Blue Lake Multisport Festival was expected to be Armstrong's first test at a triathlon, a new career for the 7-time Tour de France winner …

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Plenty of variety in bicycling around King County in 2010

If you asked me a year ago if it were possible to ride your bicycle 3,450 miles and only leave your home county four times, I'd say no. The boredom of riding the same roads would make you looney.

But that's what I did in 2010, and I can't say I was ever bored.

It's probably because King County, Washington, covers more than 2,300 square miles. That's twice the size of Rhode Island and slightly less than Delaware. That's a lot of room to roam on the roads out here.

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The county stretches from the Puget Sound to the crest of the Cascade Range. I can ride my bike up to overlooks within 10 miles of my home ….

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Bicycle tour remembers the Trail of Tears

The Trail of Tears becomes a road to discovery every year for a group of Cherokee Nation bicyclists who follow the path of their ancestors.

Called Remember the Removal, the annual bicycle tour meanders along 1,000 miles of road from North Georgia to Oklahoma.

It repeats one of the many dark chapters of U.S. history as the federal and state governments continued to push Native Americans off their land and out of existence or onto reservations.

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In this case, the US government evicted the Cherokee ..

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Cherokee Nation bike tour

Members of the Remember the Removal bicycle tour.

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Tacoma launches safety campaign for bicyclists and pedestrians

A series of signs warning motorists to be more aware while driving is a nice holiday gift for bicyclists and pedestrians in Tacoma, Washington.

The safe-driving campaign — Drive Nice, Tacoma — is sponsored by the City of Tacoma and Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department. It was paid for by the Washington State Department of Health.

The city says that bumper stickers and postcards will soon be available, and ads will be visible on the LINK light rail, Pierce Transit buses and transit shelters.

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In addition to the “Don't Disappoint…” poster at left …

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Safe driving signs

Tacoma posts safe-driving signs… Drive Nice, Tacoma

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2011 Urban Assault Rides in 10 cities; bypass Seattle, Portland and Berkeley

The Urban Assault Rides that pit 2-person teams against each other in fanciful bicycling contests will return to 10 cities in 2011.

They're the same cities that hosted rallies in 2010, except Seattle, Portland and Berkeley have been dropped from the list.

The New Belgium Brewery-sponsored Urban Assault Rides feature bicycle-oriented challenges at a series of checkpoints across the host city. The teams — male, female, coed and family — compete in such trials as bicycle jousting, newspaper throw, and human wheelbarrow.

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The cities and dates for 2011 are …

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“Bicycle Man” overcomes challenges for another bike giveaway

There are a lot of news stories this holiday season about different organizations giving away bicycles to children in need, and I tip my hat to all of them.

But year in and year out, the effort that catches my attention is the work done by Moses Mathis, the so-called “Bicycle Man” of Fayetteville, North Carolina.

The 72-year-old man has been giving away bicycles every Christmas for the past 20 years to children in the poor communities of North Carolina's sand hills. He told News14Carolina:

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“I'll see the kids and the parents, and the hugs and the kisses and the thank you's. … That's what it's all about.” …

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Moses Mathis

Interviewed at News14 Carolina about his annual bicycle giveaway.

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