Elephants — like dogs — also chase bicycles

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When bicyclists are shooting the breeze about their bike touring exploits, each and every one will have a pretty good dog story.

Joe Kurmaskie won't stop there, though. He'll probably tell you about the time he was chased by an elephant.

Kurmaskie, aka The Metal Cowboy, is a Portland-based humorist and bike travel writer who recently posted a short video about being chased by an elephant while on a charity bike ride in Botswana.

The African elephant charged Kurmaskie and his companions briefly one afternoon near the end of a 100-kilometer day last summer for Children in the Wilderness. He says being met by hyenas while visiting the port-a-potty one night was more frightening.

You can check the Metal Cowboy's website to learn about his latest book — Mud, Sweat and Gears — and see his public speaking schedule.

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