Top 10 big cities for bicycle commuting

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About 1 commuter out of 200 used a bicycle as the primary mode of transportation to get to work last year, a figure that didn't change one iota since 2008.

Meanwhile, the number of commuters who admit to driving alone to work rose by 1% in the same time frame to 76 out of 100.

That's quite a disparity and shows why bike advocates are pressing for more projects to be built that encourage people to ride their bicycles as transportation.

League review

These results are taken from the American Community Survey conducted annually by the US Census Bureau. The League of American Bicyclists parsed the commuting data a couple of weeks ago for the nation's 70 largest metropolitan areas.

Not surprisingly, among those 70 largest cities, the ones on its list of Bicycle Friendly Communities had twice the rate of bicycle commuting as those not on the BFC list. Among the top 10 bicycle commuting cities, only New Orleans and Boston don't have the bicycle friendly status.

The New Orleans Times Picayune explained that gasoline prices and economic downturn may have put some commuters in its city on bicycles, but it attributed the biggest encouragement to bicycle lanes installed on major thoroughfares in recent years.

Here are the 10 top big cities for bicycle commuting, and the ones where growth has been greatest since 2000.

Top 10 bicycle commuting big cities

1. Portland, Oregon – 5.81%

2. Minneapolis – 3.86%

3. Seattle – 2.99%

4. San Francisco – 2.98%

5. Oakland – 2.53%

6. New Orleans – 2.47%

7. Honolulu – 2.34%

8. Washington DC – 2.17%

9. Philadelphia – 2.16%

10. Boston – 2.11%

Top 10 big cities with the most bicycle commuting growth since 2000

1. Atlanta – 244%

2. Portland, OR – 230%

3. Cincinnati – 212%

4. Pittsburgh – 206%

5. Tulsa – 203%

6. Baltimore – 201%

7. Virginia Beach – 193%

8. Detroit – 192%

9. Buffalo – 158%

10. Philadelphia – 151%

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