John Steinbeck's camper

John Steinbeck's camper truck that he used in his wanderings that later became “Travels with Charley.” He named the truck Rocinante for Don Quixote's steed. By Lord Harris photos at wikipedia.

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  1. I have often wondered and wandered trying to imagine what Mr. Steinbeck’s camper truck looked like. That book which I know is not considered by others to be one of his more andered trying to imagine what Mr. Steinbeck'(he is one of only one author of note I have ever considered it may be ok to call by his first name; John. I have always used the book and especially the trailer and truck as my own dream inspiration to just pack up and go, of course after buying the two items which just may have to wait for another lucky persons dream as I have failed in my life and with my dream. Having finally admitted this I can take the final step in my life so that I do not end as a pathetic old mooch unable to take care of himself. That would be the final insult to God for wasting this precious life and possibilities that he granted to me and I have squandered….Scott

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