Quote: Armstrong the cycling revolutionary

“We revolutionised the way people train, the way they build morale in the team, the way they preview the courses, the way they race, the way they sell the sport, the way they tell that story around the world.

''I leave knowing that I did my best, and I don't need somebody to give me a plaque or give me a statue, it has been very good to me.''

— Lance Armstrong speaking at a press conference in Adelaide, Australia, prior to the 2011 Tour Down Under, his last race outside the U.S; quoted in the Sydney Morning Herald, Jan. 14, 2011.

The 39-year-old, 7-time Tour de France winner also said that doping in the sport of cycling is a result of the competitors pushing beyond their limits. “This is really a byproduct of the sport trying harder than any other sport.”

While he spoke about the problem of doping in cycling, he said nothing about the current probe of which he is the target.

The Tour Down Under begins Sunday in Australia; that's late Saturday night in the US.

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