“Bicycle Friendly” stickers say you're willing to lend a hand

Stick it on your car, your home, your roadside mailbox or the entrance to your business.

The blue “Bicycle Friendly” sticker tells passersby that you support bicyclists, and any cyclist in need is welcome to stop in.

The sticker idea originated in Columbia, Kentucky, home to the four-year Lindsey Wilson College, which distributes the stickers online.

The college cycling team's coach, David Grigsby, explains that he was speaking at a local Rotary club meeting when one member asked if there was a way to communicate to the cyclists that it was OK to stop at his house to use the restroom, get water, make a call, or get directions.

Grigsby said the idea kept speaking to him, and he went back to the Rotarian who came up with it and asked whether there was a way to include the whole community.

The first run of 500 stickers were gone in two days. Then VeloNews did a story on it in November, and the orders started rolling in from other states and around the world.

A world map shows that stickers have been purchased in more than half the US states and many countries in Europe.

At $1 each, the stickers are inexpensive. Any money left over from production and distribution goes to the Lindsey Wilson College cycling team.

Adventure Cycling Association likes the idea. They write:

“Wouldn't it be great if people and businesses along the U.S. Bicycle Route System began displaying these stickers? What a wonderful extension of hospitality to traveling cyclists.”

The stickers are available at a few bike shops in Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee, or you can buy them online at the Bicycle Friendly Stickers website.

The college put together a short video explaining the stickers.

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