Registration opens this week for most Cascade bike rides

It's time for Cascade Bicycle Club members to line up to register online for the club's most popular bicycle rides on Tuesday and Wednesday.

In order to prevent a repeat of last year's server meltdown of monumental proportions, the club is staggering the dates for registration this year and instituting a lottery system for the RSVP and RSVP2 (Ride from Seattle to Vancouver and Party).

Here's the rundown:

On Tuesday, members-only registration opens for Chilly Hilly, Flying Wheels, STP and Ride Around Washington (RAW). [See dates below]

On Wednesday, the members-only lottery opens for RSVP1 and RSVP2. This is a random draw, so there's no benefit to be first in line. It closes Jan. 27.

On Jan. 25, the members-only lottery opens for Regional tours 1-5 and 9 opens; closes Feb. 10.

On Jan. 27, RSVP1 and RSVP2 lotteries close; winners will be notified.

Feb. 7, public registration for Chilly Hilly, Flying Wheels, STP, RAW and RSVP1 and RSVP2 will open, if spaces are available.

Feb. 29, members-only lottery opens for regional tours 6-8 and 10 opens; closes March 16.

March 27, registration opens for High Pass Challenge and Kitsap Color Classic opens [see dates below].


First, you'll need to be a Cascade member in good standing to register this week, so check the date above your name the address sticker on the latest Cascade Courier newsletter. If you aren't a member you can either join or wait to register until Feb. 7.

[Join Cascade or renew your membership.]

Also, before you jump online Tuesday morning, you might want to review your online user log-on to make sure you can register. Just head over to the Members-only registration page and try to log in. Good idea to have you membership ID handy (it's also on the newsletter mailer sticker).

Register for your ride at members-only registration. After you log-in, see the “Register for events, tours and lotteries” in the left column.

If you have more questions about registering for both RSVP lotteries or refund policies, see the Event Registration page and look for FAQs in the left column.

Here's a rundown of this year's rides (with registration information where appropriate):

Seattle Bike Swap — Feb. 12, 2012: Seattle Center Exhibition Hall, 225 Mercer St., Seattle.

Chilly Hilly
— Feb. 26, 2012: Loop ride around Bainbridge Island, rain or shine.

Seattle Bike Expo
— March 10-11, 2012: More than 300 exhibits on bicycles, bike gear and
bike travel. Returns to Smith Cove Terminal. Multiple speakers on

Bike to Work Day — May 18, 2012

Flying Wheels Summer Century — June 9. 2012: Various distances; starts at Marymoor Park in Redmond. Members-only registration opens Jan. 10, 2012.

World Bicycle Relief Red-Bell 100 — June 30, 2012: New this year, one-day ride from Redmond to Bellingham.

Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic (STP)
— July 14-15, 2012: 200 miles in one or two days for 10,000 cyclists.
Members-only registration opens Jan. 10, 2012 (this one sells out).

Cyclefest and Bikemania — July (no date yet), 2012: Tour de France party at Magnuson Park with outdoor showing of Tour's Queen Stage.

Ride Around Washington (RAW) — Aug. 4-11, 2012: Week-long bike tour. Members-only registration opens Jan. 10, 2012. (this one sells out)

RSVP — Aug. 17-18, 2012: Ride from Seattle to Vancouver and Party. Members-only lottery registration open from Jan. 11-27, 2012.

RSVP2 — Aug. 18-19, 2012: Same route as RSVP, just one day later. Members-only lottery registration open from Jan. 11-27, 2012.

High Pass Challenge
— Sept. 9, 2012: A 114-mile ride through the Gifford Pinchot
Wilderness Area, with 7,500 feet of elevation gain. Registration opens
March 27.

Kitsap Color Classic — Sept. 30, 2012: Various routes around the Kitsap Peninsula. Registration opens March 27.

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