30 Days of Biking: A typical trip to the market

When the local grocery store closed in the economic downturn of 2008, it meant market runs 3 or 4 days a week for odds and ends grew from a half-mile bike ride to about 4 miles.

Although I miss the local grocer, I enjoy getting the chance for a longer bike ride to the Safeway, QFC or farmer’s market. If the weather is decent, running an errand to the grocery store can turn into a ride of 20 or more miles.

When I’m picking up a medium load like today — Day 6 of 30 Days of Biking — I’ll attach the old Eclipse panniers that have served me since my TransAmerica bicycle tour in 1984.

A light shopping trip can often just fit in a backpack; a lot of groceries requires the trailer.

I’ll keep to the streets in the rain to try to preserve my drivetrain, but on dry days I ride up to a pipeline trail that connects my neighborhood to within a quarter-mile of the nearby shopping district.

Today’s grocery haul included a gallon of milk, box of cereal, snacks, bananas, bread, bagels, taters, and some other stuff with room to spare. I’ve learned to pack the bananas and bread last.

Because I was expecting company, today’s errand ride was only 5 miles, but I thoroughly enjoyed the sunny weather.

30 Days of Biking

Total days — 6/6

Total miles — 73


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