Consumer protection division recalls recent bike recalls

Chariot bike trailers

Not sure if this was done in response to National Bicycle Month, but the US Consumer Product Safety Commission has re-issued 10 bicycle and bicycle accessory recalls.

It’s kind of like their Top 10 list of bicycle fails.

The agency says that as folks head out on their bicycles this spring, they should check to see if their bicycles, bicycle components or accessories have been recalled.

A faulty part can cause an injury or even death, they warn. If you own a bike or accessory that’s been recalled, check the link below to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission for the manufacturer contact to remedy the issue.

1. Bridgeway bicycles (91,000) — Chain can break

2. Trek 2012 FX and District bicycles — The bolt that secures the seat saddle clamp to the seat post can break posing a fall hazard.

3. Fuji Saratoga Women’s Bicycles (10,500 units) — The bicycle’s frame can break in the center of the downtube during use, causing the rider to lose control and fall.

4. Public Bikes 2010 through 2012 Model Year Bicycles  (4,100 units) — The pedals can crack and break, posing a fall hazard to the rider.

5. Specialized 2012 bicycles with Advanced Group carbon forks (460 units) — The brake component housed within the bicycle’s carbon fork can disengage from the fork and allow the brake assembly to contact the wheel spokes while rotating, posing a fall hazard.

6. Chariot bicycle trailers (44,000 units) and bicycle trailer conversion kits (70,000 units) — The bicycle trailer’s hitch mechanisms can crack and break, causing the trailer to detach from the bicycle. This poses an injury hazard to children in the bicycle trailer.

7. Topeak Babyseat® II Bicycle Carrier Seats (40,000 units) — A child can place his or her fingers in the opening at the grab bar’s hinge mechanism. When the consumer lifts the grab bar to remove the child from the seat, the child’s fingertips can be caught in the hinge mechanism, posing a laceration and fingertip amputation hazard to the child.

8. Little Tricky Bicycle Helmets (30,400 units) — Product testing demonstrated that these helmets do not comply with CPSC safety standards for impact resistance. Consumers could suffer impact head injuries in a fall.

9. GT, Giant and Trek Bicycles with SR Suntour Suspension Forks (17,000 units) — The suspension fork’s internal support tubes can break and cause the rider to lose control, fall and crash.

10. Gore Bicycle Brake Cable (9,700 units) — When the brake cables are installed on Campagnolo® style brake levers, they can detach, causing the brakes to fail and posing a fall hazard.

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