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Tour de Georgia bike race canceled in 2010

In case you were wondering, the Tour de Georgia will not roll out in 2010.

In spite of an effort to bring back the bike race next year, the cash-strapped Tour de Georgia Foundation was unable to find the sponsors to pay for the race for the second year in a row.

Tour de Georgia board member Tom Saddlemire told CyclingNews:

“The Board of Directors and our advisors did all we could to tailor a race to fit within the economic realities of today and we are understandably disappointed in this announcement, but we are committed to bringing back the Tour as soon as possible.” …..

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Tour de Georgia canceled for 2009

Sad news from Georgia this morning. Citing tough economic conditions and a need to plan for the future, organizers of the 2009 Tour de Georgia bicycle race say they'll cancel the race in 2009 but return in 2010.

In an announcement posted on the Tour de Georgia website, race chairman Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle says:

“We have … decided to skip one year so that the Tour de Georgia can once and for all be ahead of the game in the planning process. This is a decision I feel is wise and one that will strengthen the Tour de Georgia for years to come.”

Board member Phil Jacobs told the Savannah Morning News, “The rise in the cost of gas and the current “tough” economic picture hurt us.”

Meanwhile, a “Lance Armstrong bump” from his possible participation in the race vanished when he announced he would be competing in the European spring classics that are scheduled at about the same time as the Tour de Georgia's slot …

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Sponsor problems may curb Tour de Georgia bike race

Maybe it's too soon to turn out the lights on the Tour de Georgia, but CyclingNews reports the 6-year-old bike race is “unlikely” to be around next season.

That's going to make a lot of people sad, especially the estimated 400,000 who flocked to the roadside to witness at last one of the seven stages of bicycle racing across Georgia in April.

There are more details at the CyclingNews report, but here's the gist of the story ….

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Tour de Georgia's economic impact sees growth

The Tour de Georgia that ended last month added an estimated $38.6 million to the state's economy — a 40% increase over last year.

That's a healthy bump, but why the big jump? It is surprising, especially considering that spectatorship was down to about 400,000 this year, a 20% drop from the previous year's 515,000.

Methodology of data gathering might have something to do with it. So does inflation, the price of gasoline, and an increase in the number of foreign visitors lured by the weak dollar. …

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Six surprises at the 2008 Tour de Georgia

The 2008 Tour de Georgia bike race certainly didn't follow any script.

It was full of surprises. Among them:

1. Fifty-one US cyclists rode in the 120-man peloton.

–Not one US cyclist won a stage. Not one US cyclist wore the yellow jersey. (Jason McCartney of CSC did win KOM.)

Interestingly, when Slipstream-Chipotle — a team with 8 US cyclists — won the Stage 4 Team Time Trial, it was Australian Trent Lowe who crossed the finish line first. That's how he ended up in the yellow jersey after the next stage.

2. The peloton hosted two former Tour de Georgia champions and many veteran contenders, including the winners of February's Tour of California and last fall's Tour of Missouri.

— It was 25-year-old Kanstantin Sivtsov, right,  from Belarus who made the decisive move on Brasstown Bald on Saturday. He passed 23-year-old Trent Lowe and 10-year cycling pro Levi Leipheimer to capture the stage and eventually the Tour.

3. Team High Road dominated the Tour, with three stage wins and four yellow jerseys.

— If you had told me that before the race, I would have expected South Carolina's George Hincapie to be wearing the yellow jersey …

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Sivtsov, not Lowe, leads Tour de Georgia after Stage 6

I committed a real “Dewey Defeats Truman” blunder at Biking Bis on Saturday when I named Trent Lowe at the overall leader of the Tour de Georgia following the Brasstown Bald stage.

It was Kanstantin Sivtsov (Belarus) of Team High Road who actually captured the overall lead after powering ahead of Trent Lowe and Levi Leipheimer in the final yards on the mountain.

I had listened to and watched the video stream of the end of the final stage, rushed to file a story on the results, then logged off for the day as I undertook to catch up on my one-person parenting duties while my wife is out of town. Big mistake….

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England wins TdG Stage 5, Slipstream's Lowe in yellow

Brasstown Bald looms Saturday for Tour de Georgia

In spite of what appears to be an Australian invasion controlling the Tour de Georgia after Friday's stage, the US favorites have climbed in the standings for a battle on Brasstown Bald on Saturday.

Aussie Richard England, right, riding for the Bissell cycling team, challenged and beat countryman Rory Sutherland (HealthNet) in a sprint to the Stage 5 finish line in Dahlonega on Friday.

Meanwhile, Slipstream's Trent Lowe, also from Australia, donned the yellow jersey although he's in a tie with two teammates. Lowe finished first in Slipstream's winning team time trial on Thursday, so he gets the honor of wearing the yellow …

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Henderson retains yellow; Slipstream wins TTT at Tour de Georgia

The Slipstream-Chipotle team used its horsepower to win the Team Time Trial at Road Atlanta on Thursday, Stage 4 of the 2008 Tour de Georgia.

Greg Henderson held onto the yellow jersey, however, in spite of his Team High Road's 3rd place finish, less than 4 seconds behind. Astana finished in 2nd place, about 2 seconds behind. Team CSC finished 4th.

The win by Slipstream helps to set up former Tour de Georgia winner Tom Danielson in a good position …

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Tour de Georgia's first team time trial

Fifteen teams will be racing against the clock at the Road Atlanta speedway for Stage 4 of the 2008 Tour de Georgia, the event's first-ever team time trial.

The course is located in Braselton, northeast of Atlanta, and the event is scheduled to run from 1 to about 4 p.m. (ET).  As usual, is offering its video stream of …

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High Road's Henderson leads Tour de Georgia with Stage 3 win

In just one race stage, the 2008 Tour de Georgia is all about Greg Henderson of the High Road team.

The 31-year-old sprint and track specialist from New Zealand won the broken field sprint in Gainesville on Wednesday afternoon to take Stage 3. With yellow jersey holder Ivan Dominguez finishing far back, Henderson also took the over race lead.

And with intermediate and finish line sprint points building up for the past three stages, Henderson also took the lead in the points classification…

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