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Driver gets 15 years in prison for hit ‘n’ run cyclist fatality

A jury in Houston, Texas, chose not to “blame the victim” in a hit-and-run fatality of a bicyclist and instead sentenced the motorist to 15 years in prison on Thursday.

The defense attorney for the motorist told the jurors that the collision would have been avoided if the bicyclist, Chelsea Norman, 24, had been riding elsewhere.

“If …

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Traffic-related bicycling deaths on the rise in many states; bicycle advocacy groups dispute results

State by state chart; click for larger view

A report by a national highway safety association is shining a spotlight on the increase in bicyclist deaths in traffic.

Newspapers and other media outlets are reporting that bicycle traffic deaths have been on the rise since hitting a 10-year-low in 2009, a fact that many bicycle advocates already have been tracking. Reports from California and …

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Deaf and blind tandem cyclist ends bike tour after traffic collision

Harald Vik meets cyclists on his recent US tour. He's raising money to return at http://www.gofundme.com/dkfmbw

A deaf and blind bicyclist touring in the United States has returned to his home country of Norway to recover after being struck from behind by a motorist.

The cyclist — Harald Vik, 71 — was riding in the stoker position on a tandem bicycle when the collision occurred near Sioux Falls, Iowa South Dakota, last …

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Bicyclist on trans-Canada fund-raiser killed in crash

Graeme Loader, 24

After dipping the tires of his heavily laden bicycle into the salty water at Stanley Park in Vancouver, 24-year-old Graeme Loader set off from British Columbia in mid-July to raise money for the World Wildlife Foundation.

That adventure ended on Monday when he was struck from behind by a car on the West Canada Highway near …

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Southern California bicycling advocates ask: Are police above the law?

Milton Olin Jr.

Bike ride and vigil scheduled Wednesday evening

Last December, Milton Olin was enjoying a bicycle ride along the shoulder of Mulholland Highway in Calabassas when he was struck from behind by a car and killed. Investigators learned the driver was texting on a mobile device in the car and didn’t see the cyclist.
Sounds like an open-and-shut case of distracted driving.

In this case, however, the car was a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department patrol car and the driver was an on-duty Sheriff’s deputy. At the time of the crash, he was typing a message …

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Death of Seattle bicyclist brings sadness, raises questions

Sher Kung, killed while bicycling

There’s much heartache in the Seattle bicycling community today after the death on Friday of Sher Kung, a young mother who was killed at a downtown intersection on Second Avenue at University Street.

Let me add my condolences to the family, friends and coworkers of the attorney. An impromptu memorial, including a ghost bike and flowers, has …

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Bicyclist league report shines light on traffic deaths


There’s a surprising statistic in the bicyclists traffic death data collected over the past couple of years by the League of American Bicyclists.

In a report issued on Wednesday to coincide with the annual Ride of Silence, the League reports that rear-end collisions are responsible for 40% of bicyclist deaths — the highest category by far.

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Bicyclist fatalities, injuries rose again in 2012

2012 federal traffic fatality report

Grim news for bicyclists (and all road users) from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration: 726 bicyclists died in collisions with motor vehicles in 2012.

The bicyclist fatalities in traffic pose a 6.5% increase from the previous year. 2012 marked the third straight year that bicyclist fatalities have risen since a 10-year low of 623 …

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Now 3 people charged in connection with New Hampshire bike ride tragedy

Pamela Wells

In the week since a 19-year-old woman plowed into a group of bicyclists on a New Hampshire bicycle ride — killing two and injuring two others — police have charged three people in connection with the crash.

Police are investigating everyone related to the tragic case. Early on, they had been criticized for not doing …

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Parents of bicyclist seek maximum penalty for drunken driver after fatality in California

Kristina Chesterman

The parents of a nursing student killed by a drunken driver as she rode her bicycle home from the library at Chico State University in California wrote the following heart-felt letter.

It shows how the irresponsible actions can have far-reaching consequences.

“The body of our daughter, Kristina Chesterman, lies upstairs at Enloe Medical Center waiting to be used to help other patients in need of organ donations. ….

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