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Driver gets 15 years in prison for hit ‘n’ run cyclist fatality

A jury in Houston, Texas, chose not to “blame the victim” in a hit-and-run fatality of a bicyclist and instead sentenced the motorist to 15 years in prison on Thursday. The defense attorney¬†for the motorist told the jurors that¬†the collision would have been avoided if the bicyclist, Chelsea Norman, 24, had been riding elsewhere. “If …

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How to enforce 3-foot passing law to protect bicyclists

To those who say that laws requiring motorists to give bicycles a 3-foot gap when passing are unenforceable, consider what police in Austin, Texas, are doing. A few years ago, bicycle advocates in Texas convinced the legislature to pass a 3-foot law for passing bicycles. Gov. Rich Perry vetoed it, becoming the first governor to …

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