Logging it

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I've been logging my rides since 1991, that's about 37,000 miles back up the road. That's a lot of blacktop, and it doesn't include my previous 13 years of cycling with independent tours of Virginia, Tennessee, Arizona, the NE US and Quebec, and lastly a 4,000-mile cross-country bicycle tour from Yorktown, VA to Carlsbad, CA.

This past year I knocked off 2,359 miles, slightly less than my 2,600 average. I see I didn't ride at all in November, and October and December were about 60 miles each.

August was my best month and the best recorded August — 716 miles. July 2003 was the best month — 948 miles.

I see lots of trends over the years. My mileage generally falls way off the last three months — that goes for living in both warm and cold climes. I think I just get burned out by the end of the year, regardless of the weather. The mileage always picks up again in January.


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