Trail-a-bike recall

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The US Consumer Product Safety Commission says some of those single-wheeled bicycle trailers distributed by Norco Products Ltd. of Canada are unsafe at any speed.

Manufactured in China, the Adams Trail-a-Bike or Adams Slipstream Bicycle Attachment employ a universal hitch that can malfunction and cause the trailer to separate from the bike, says the CPSC in a press release. Although it could cause a serious accident, Norco reported two instances of the failure. One led to a minor injury.

Some 80,000 of those trailers had been sold at independent bike stores from 1996 to 2004 for prices ranging from $125 to $295.

CPSC characterizes this as a voluntary recall. It warns people to stop using the kiddie trailers immediately, and to contact bike shops for free inspections, repair kits, and installations.


Norco has been down this road before. The company, in coorperation with CPSC, recalled about 450 bike passenger trailers back in 1998 (see press release). The problem: metal fatigue in the hitch arm pivot bracket could cause the trailer to break loose.

Founded as Northern Cycle Industries LTD. in Burnaby, B.C. by Bert Lewis in 1964, Norco produces mountain, road, hybrid, BMX and kids bicycles.

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