Sponsors take care of Lance

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Lance Armstrong is in an enviable position in the world of sport when it comes to endorsements.

The Oregonian newspaper points out that not only is the bicycle racer the leading US contender in the world of cycling, he's the only one that most American can name.

More importantly, I think, he's one of the few sports stars whose luster as a world class athlete and cancer survivor hasn't been tarnished by scandal.

Lance makes more than $15 million a year off his endorsements, the newspaper reports; the Lance Armstrong Foundation for cancer research and survivor support has made millions more through the sale of yellow wristbands.

This means that bicycle racing fans aren't the only ones to descend on tiny Solvang, California, to watch Lance Armstrong and his Discovery Channel Pro Cycling Team train. They are joined by Lance's sponsors, which include Advanced Micro Devices, the Discovery Channel, Giro, Nike, and Trek Bicycles. They're all there to rub elbows with Lance and see how he's doing.

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