I'm doubtful Lance will Tour de France in 2005

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First we see Lance Armstrong on Oprah's TV show on Friday. Then on Sunday night he's back on TV, this time onstage at the Grammy's alongside girlfriend Sheryl Crow.

Has cycling coach Chris Carmichael come up with a new training regimen that includes frequent appearances on interview and variety award shows? I doubt it.

And even though he hasn't made the announcement yet, I also seriously doubt that Armstrong will take another shot at the Tour de France bicycle race this year. Isn't this usually the time of year when he's preparing for the race by making daily multiple ascents of Alpe d'Huez?

But what the heck. After six straight Tour de France wins, more than anyone in the 100-plus year history of the event, he deserves a break. And Sheryl Crow did look good. She might be putting some miles on her bicycle too.

Meanwhile, back on the team bus, the Discovery Channel Pro Cycling Team began the 5-day Vuelta Andalucia (Ruta del Sol) in Spain on Sunday. The Paris-Nice race, which Armstrong signed up to compete in on the Monday following the Grammy's, is less than a month away. And there's always Chris Boardman's one-hour record to break.

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