Carpenter goes out on a limb for wooden bicycle

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(Update: Southern California bike maker, Calfee Design, makes bamboo bike.)

 I hesitated to call attention to this bicycle story because I was once told, “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.”

But who am I to question the Indo-Asian News Service, which reports that a carpenter living on the east coast of India has built a normal-sized bicycle entirely from wood.

It took him seven years, working an average of four hours a day. The bicycle wheels took two years to make, the chain two months, and the freewheel seven months. In all, he spent the equivalent of $4,500 on the bike. When he takes it cycling, it goes about 10km an hour.

The cyclist, Daitari Barik, says neighbors in his village were skeptical at first, and asked, “What does he know about science and technology?” Wait until he starts working with carbon fibre and titanium.

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