This isn't your father's Schwinn bicycle

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When is a Schwinn not a bicycle? When it's a four-stroke gas-powered motor scooter.

Dorel Industries, which acquired the Schwinn line of bicycles in early 2004 with its purchase of Pacific Cycles, has launched three versions of a 50cc motor scooter with the Schwinn name attached.

In a press release, Dorel chairman and CEO called the motorization of the formerly human-powered vehicle “a natural extension of the Schwinn brand.”

Dorel Industries is based in Canada and targeted home furnishings before it bought the Pacific Cycles company. That purchase not only gave it Schwinn, but also Mongoose, GT, and Roadmaster bicycles.

Dorel is not abandoning pedal-powered Schwinn bicycle altogether, though. It still markets road, mountain, and hybrid bicycles with the Schwinn name. And the revitalized Schwinn Sting Ray has been so successful — half a million sold in 500,000 — that a 26-inch model of the Sting Ray is being sold for adults.

Check out the press release or visit the Schwinn website for more details. Also, check Bikin' Bis here for a recent history of Schwinn.

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