Lance Armstrong interview at CyclingNews

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CyclingNews conducted an interview with six-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong last week that it just published today.

The timing of the interview is interesting, because it's just the day before Armstrong dropped out of the Paris-Nice race with a sore throat and rising temperature. He says:

“I think (Paris-Nice) is a fine classic race, but I would do just about anything to go back and change my program. … I don't need to be here. Number one, I need training; simple, hard, focused training right now before I get into some races. … Here, you're not even training; we did 46K (on Tuesday).”

He also talks about his training distractions in the US, his Discovery Channel Pro Cycling Team, his pursuit of a seventh win in the Tour de France this summer, and the possibilities of making an attempt on the one-hour record.

The interview can be seen at CyclingNews.

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