A summer's worth of cycling in Washington

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Starting in early April, bicyclists in Washington State can find an organized cycling event to ride in just about every weekend through October.

The bicycle ride calendar I compiled over this past weekend starts with a colorful ride through the tulips and ends with cycling through the fall colors. In between are rides around Puget Sound, into the Mount St. Helen's blast zone, up the Columbia and Yakima rivers, through apple and wine country. Most are single-day rides, but a couple last all week.

All the rides are listed as links under NW Recreational Bicycle Rides over on the right side of the page. I simply ranked them by date. Scroll your mouse over the choice to learn the length and general region; click the link to go to the ride's website. 

Over the next few days I'll compile similar lists for Oregon and Idaho. Then I'll sit here and regret that there's no possible way for me to pedal in all these great rides in the Northwest.

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