Phil Liggett skeptical about Floyd Landis case

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OLN bicycling commentator Phil Liggett was interviewed about the Floyd Landis affair last weekend by Carlton Reid of UK-based BikeBiz, a bicycle industry newsletter. Reid posted the interview online at in his Cycling News & View series.

“I'm still very skeptical about the whole thing,” Liggett says. “The Laboratory (Châtenay-Malabry) is unscrupulous to say the least, because they shouldn't know the sample they're testing.”

The fact that the lab knew whose sample it was testing is just one of the “anomolies” Liggett cites in the case of Landis, who faces losing his Tour de France championship. He also pointed out that Landis gave nine urine samples, and the Stage 17 samples were the only ones that tested positive.

Liggett said it's time for the second test, the so-called “B” sample, be done in a second country by a second lab.

“I'm not saying the lab is a crooked lab, they have proved to us that they're not a particularly scrupulous lab.”

Liggett said he didn't know Landis personally, but he knows his beliefs. “I got a feeling he's not telling lies.”

Liggett's views on the affair match those of fellow commentator Bob Roll, who wrote:

“Floyd won the Tour fair and square, and until he himself admits to injecting testosterone I won’t believe the findings of the truly questionable lab in Paris.”

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