Armstrong says “shoddy” lab work should vindicate Landis

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Silent for more than a week on Floyd Landis losing an appeal on doping charges, Lance Armstrong now says he doesn't understand how the arbitration board arrived at its 2-1 decision.

“When you are giving someone the death penalty, which they essentially did, you cannot tolerate shoddy work, which they clearly did. I don't understand that type of rationale. I don't understand the verdict.

“It's tough for Floyd; it's tough for cycling. But at the same time, it's also really tough and unfortunate for the fans of all athletes. You never know when you're in that position, when an athlete's in that position, and you want to make sure that everything's done right.”

In handing down its decision, the arbitrators said the French lab handled the samples improperly. They warned if that happens in a future case, it could result in the dismissal of a positive finding. Armstrong told the Associated Press:

“I didn't follow Floyd's case that much, but I will tell you, if that's a jury trial in the United States of America, with eight or 10 or 12 of our fellow citizens, you get off every time. Not that you get off, but you're vindicated.”

Earlier, speaking at a press conference at the Tour of Courage in Vancouver, BC, Armstrong said he just isn't engaged in pro cycling anymore couldn't give an opinion to the Landis verdict.


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