He's still got it; Lance Armstrong wins both Tour de Gruene time trials

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Surprising no one except a few naysayers, Lance Armstrong launched his comeback career by winning the Tour de Gruene individual time trial on Saturday and a 2-man team time trial on Sunday.

Many were in awe of riding against Armstrong. Here's what 2nd-place finisher, Eric Benz, said about starting right ahead of Armstrong on Saturday:

“There's plenty of times you're out training that you imagine things, like making a shot like Michael Jordan or if you're a cyclist, staying ahead of Lance Armstrong. There were three or four times when I was riding here that I kind of had to pinch myself. Not only was I thinking I had to stay in front of Lance Armstrong, but he truly was behind me chasing me.”

Saturday's ITT

Armstrong burned the16-mile course along the Guadalupe River in 33:14, beating the 2nd-place finisher Benz, 45,  by less than two minutes. That's an average pace of 29 mph.

The 37-year-old cancer survivor and 7-time Tour de France champion told the San Antonio Express News that he was “moderately pleased” with his performance, but not “ecstatic.”

Sunday's TTT

On Sunday Armstrong joined his friend John Korioth for the 27-mile team time trial.

After the race, he happily reported that he and Korioth “smoked 'em”, beating the field by 3 minutes. He also said that he felt better on Sunday.


This is the 25th annual Tour de Gruene, which features recreational rides beginning Saturday morning, the ITT in the afternoon, followed by the team time trial on Sunday. It takes place in New Braunfels, less than an hour from Austin.

Although the setting may have been downscale from the Tour de France, fans showed as much enthusiasm. The Express-News describes the fan-demonium and Armstrong's arrival in a motorcade of black vehicles two hours before his 4 p.m. starting time on Saturday

Armstrong wore his LiveStrong colors, black and yellow.

Above photo by Miller…Good Call at flickr.com.

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