Twitter's list of best bike movies never made

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We all know that Twitter is a great resource for social networking, and it's the one place where you'll always be able to find out what Lance Armstrong is up to on a daily, in not hourly, basis.

But I never have been so entertained — and wasted so much time — on Twitter as this morning with suggestions from the Twitteratis of the best bike movies never made. 

Here's just a few of my favorites from this morning. They can be found at #bikemovies:

Citizen Chain
Astana Potter and the Prisoner of Kazakhstan
The Year of Spinning Dangerously
Three Days of the Contador
Dumb and Riccardo Ricco
Cannondale Run
The Landis That Time Forgot
Singin' Indurain
The Texas Chainring Massacre

There are hundreds more.

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